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Australia is a country in Oceanic Bordering between the South Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. The country embraces the Island of Tasmania, mainland of Australia and various small islands in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. As per the United States, Australia is one of the 2nd best countries to live and work worldwide. The country has federal parliamentary democracy of government system and a commonwealth era. Australia is a member of TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnership) and APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation). Moreover, it is one of the largest country in Oceania and 6th largest country of world. The country has 26 million of population which is highly urbanized.


If you have also decided regarding Immigration to Australia, then consulting with professional Australia immigration consultants is the first step to Australia's journey. However, the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) supervises and manages the entire procedure of Australia's Immigration and visa application procedure. After successfully migrated to Australia, the next target of individuals is to achieve Australia's PR certification for permanently becoming the native of the country. In case you want to know guidelines and ways to get PR easily, then get in touch with a professional and experienced Australia pr consultant is a perfect choice. Australia Pr consultants can help you successfully achieve Australia PR with proper guidelines and procedures. In this way, all individuals are advised to deal with the best Australia Immigration Consultants for experiencing a hassle-free and successful Immigration.


Do you know Australia is a country that is also a continent and even the 6th largest country on the earth? Well, Immigrants will get a number of benefits from Immigrating to Australia and even the country too that a professional Australian immigration consultant can perfectly explain to you. Australia is rich in culture; therefore, it is a highly preferred country of most of the people. So, take a glance and explore the unlimited benefits or incredible opportunities in Australia, read the information until the end:

  • Live, work and study in anywhere Australian
  • Australia is inviting 1,60,000 Skilled workers every year
  • Regional migration benefits to Skilled workers
  • Earn in dollars, get high paying jobs
  • Get free health coverage and other social benefits
  • Children born in Australia get automatic citizenship.
  • Australia has highly advanced and incredible technology for their natives; therefore, there is marvelous scope for individuals to enter into the phase of career advancement with lots of fruitful opportunities.
  • Australia has highly advanced and incredible technology for their natives; therefore, there is marvelous scope for individuals to enter into the phase of career advancement with lots of fruitful opportunities.
  • Australia has a stable and rich economy with the lowest unemployment, which signifies that individuals have complete security in their jobs.
  • Australia appreciates skilled students, workers, or business persons and encourages Immigration by offering several options under various visa procedures. All you do is to find one that matches your need and profile.
  • Australia is an ideal choice for nature enthusiastic people. The country has breathtaking scenery with a rich green cover and perfect beaches.
  • Australia has the best education system worldwide, from the elementary stage to the tertiary stage. In this way, you do not need to concern the education of children whenever you migrate because you can assure the country's top-notch education.
  • Australia serves the best and qualitative surrounding for children. Moreover, it has been proved that Australia is the 2nd best destination to live for children.
  •  With the best Australia pr consultants, citizens can easily apply for Australia PR and become a permanent native of the country.
who are eligible for Australia PR ?

If you want to apply for Australian PR, you must meet all the eligibility criteria formed by Australia to become a permanent resident of the country. Applicants meet all the requirements by scoring 65 points in the point-based system. Candidates must show some funds as proof for the survival of you and your family. However, various other eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The candidate should not exceed 45 years.
  • Proficient in English with scoring 6 bands in IELTS test
  • The candidate must clear the medical examination
  • In the case of an educational degree, it will be acceptable if it was recognized globally.

A Candidate can apply for Australian PR by fulfilling all the above-mentioned eligibility criteria for Australian PR. If you want to know about key requirements for applying Australian PR, then take a glance at the given below points:

  • Score minimum 65 points in point assessment grid of Australia.
  • Obtain Skill Assessment report from an approved assessing authority
  • Get a good IELTS score for English proficiency, i.e. minimum band 6 in all four abilities
  • Your occupation needs to be in one of Australia’s high demand skilled occupation lists.
  • Get nomination/sponsorship, if applying for state nominated visa.
  • Obtain Medical certificate and PCC as a proof of good health and character

Steps to apply PR visa in Australia

Step 1: Check all the eligibility requirements i.e.
  • Determine if you fulfill all the eligibility requirements
  • Verify that your occupation in the list of demanded occupations
  • Determine if you have the required points as per the points table.
Step 2: English Proficiency Test:

Determine the required English proficiency by taking a specific English language test. However, The Authorities of Australian Immigration accepts the scorings from several tests, including PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, and some others.

Step 3: Skill Assessment:

Now, Candidates get their skills accessed via Skill Assessment Authority. It is an organization that will determine your skills, work experience, and education as per Australian standards.

Step 4: Make Registration your EOI:

Now, Candidates register their EOI (Expression of Interest) on Australia Skill Select's website. However, the skill set program provides three categories of visa under which you can apply for PR Visa, i.e., Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, skilled regional subclass 491, or Skilled Nominated Visa 190.
Well, the first and third are permanent visas, and the second one is temporary contains five years of validation.

Step 5: Obtain ITA:

After submitting the application and meeting all the requirements, you will obtain an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR Visa in Australia.

Step 6: Submit the PR Application:

Now, Candidates are required to submit their PR application within 60 days. Candidates make sure their application has all the required documents for processing PR Visa like personal documents, immigration documents, etc.

Step 7: Obtain your Clearance Certificate:

Now, Submit your police clearance certification and medical examination or clearance certification.

Step 8: Obtain your PR Visa:

Finally, it is the last step where you will get your PR Visa.

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The average time to immigrate to Australia will take in between 5 months or 12 months. For the perfectly skilled candidate, it might process within three months.

As per the new update, a total of 65 points are required for Australia General Skilled Immigration by applicants

The processing time depends upon several factors for Visa Application. However, there is a chance of delay in case you submit an incomplete application, so you must ensure your application is complete.

Yes, Australia Immigration Departments accepting applications and even start issuing invitations on 13 March 2020 under Skilled Independent Visa with 1750 Invitations and Skilled Regional ( Provisional) Visa with 300 family-sponsored invitations.

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